Blackjack beater review

Blackjack beater is one of the modern widely used devices for cheating at casinos. It has always been the most popular electronic cheat device since electronics was used for scam purposes.

Black jack beater review

This is considered to be the silent, vibrating, electronic device of the pocket size. The most interesting fact is that it is designed with the same look as the car alarm transmitter and allows the blackjack players to card count very easily, discreetly and precisely. The player can really accomplish in the minutes what takes the experienced blackjack player years of practice. Thus, using the appropriate blackjack strategy and the electronic cheating device the player can hit and make money. The player makes informed and expert decisions before the actual placing the bet or making up mind whether hit or not. It is essential that with such a device the potential reward the player can earn is endless.

As far a card counting is the key to the success in blackjack game, the electronic cheating device is the effective on double, single, multiple decks. The blackjack bester is the suitable device even for the most amateur player that has no talent in card counting. In addition, all the research and programming is done for the player with blackjack beater. It is easy to hide it in the pocket and react with every vibrating signal appropriately to the situation.

The way it works

Blackjack cheat with the help of the blackjack beater can be very simple. It is not even necessarily to keep the every single card track. Instead, it is important to define the specific value for each card.

For example, the higher value cards can be assigned as -1, the button is left one, and as far as each time the card is removed from the deck it makes the peck less winning for the player. The opposite variant is true, as well. Low value cards may be marked as +1, the appropriate button is right; natural cards are usually marked 0 - the button is marked N/A.

Thus, instead of taking all the cards with running total in the mind, the player can let the device to count for him. For example, if the card of higher value is dealt, the player only has to press the appropriate button. When the lover is dealt - the same press the button, and so on. The blackjack beater will send the series of silent vibrations for the player.