Card marking cheating method

Card marking may be considered to be one more cheating method that is widely used in casinos. This very process includes playing cards with the rank, suit, or even both evident only to the player that is making cards or the other conspirator. It is usually conducted for the cheating at card games by means of cards shapes.

For the affectivity of the blackjack cheat the distinguishing marks have to be done on the cards watch side that is as a rule the uniform. Sometimes the card marking is called card bending. Probably it is the simplest way of marking cards.

Marking cards is often used in cheating while gambling, for different card tricks, however, a lot of casinos may punch the holes in the very middle of the each card that are sold to the tourists for prevention from the returning to the playing table after purchase of the cards and after that slipping the desired cards into the hands.

Marked cards may be used, no matter, who is shuffling the cards and dealing them. Nevertheless, some sophisticated scams of marking cards may include some additional skills of manipulation of steering the cards in the right positions once the favorable cards are defined.

From the history it is known that the very first attempts of marking cards involved the so called blisters, tiny crimps and bumps. Later on after the back design for cards was developing, cheater s began altering the patterns on the backs of the playing cards. The most sophisticated cheaters resorted to using different inks, scratching or pigments to mark the cards.

However, the recent science as well as technology development helped to enhance card marking technics. The most upgrade technology is the variation of shade means. This means is the most futuristic and deceptive technology.

Block out work

  • Briefly it is considered to be the work using the same colors of ink for the back of the cards and the small white coloring of the card area. For example, adding more ink into the flowers detail on the back, etc.

Cut out work

  • As far as this kind of work is concerned, players sometimes resort to using the razor for the scrapping off some details of the card. For example, scrapping off the cards print with the help of the razor.

However, both cheating tricks can be easily detected with the help of using the so called gamblers riffle test as a way of cheating combat.