Cheat roulette method

To cheat in Roulette77 Australia, the player should be sure that the devices used are effective. Unfortunately most devices can help beat the rarely old or physically flawed wheels in roulette.

Nowadays a lot of gamers use the electronic cheat device, alongside classical. Though, the roulette is the games of chance a lot of players take some effort to increase the advantage by means of cheating. However, some players refuse to believe in randomness of the roulette. Anyway there must be some mathematical explanation of the game and equation for the cheating.

The case

The cheaters were caught at London's casino while attempting to cheat roulette with the help of a mobile phone stuffed with the laser scanner to win up the lump sum of money. The scanner was said to detect the probable finishing ball point on the wheel. It is possible, however, to do such a trick, but authorities wondered how it could help fast enough the player to make a bet.

Anyway according to the law, the "no spin" is to be called when the ball does not circle any longer at least 3 times. After the 3 spins, the dealer calls "no more bets." The difference in time between the third and the last spin and the call can be approximately 15 - 14 seconds, and it is not enough for scanning the roulette and cheat roulette.

Possibility of cheating

Theoretically, it is possible to cheat roulette while playing. However, it is important to count the time appropriately. The only device that can be of use is the tool that could judge the speed of the ball, and of the spinning wheel. Otherwise, the cheating is impossible, because the wheels are created specifically to guarantee simply the right amount of the randomness in the roulette game.

This, however, cannot stop some of the roulette cheaters to try their fortune and cheat roulette. Some players developed the mathematical system in which the probability and the odds play the important role. Such players consider that roulette cheating is possible due to the fact that the game involves the numbers. Just like in the poker the system makes use of the elimination process in determining the possible outcomes of the wheel spins. However, the numbers has nothing to do with it, because the roulette is not the card game. Mathematics cannot be applied like for blackjack cheat or the other game strategies to cheat roulette.