The cheating and its combat

Cheating combat has become one of the most important issues in the modern gambling industry. It is evident that a lot of famous casino cheaters nowadays cannot afford themselves to show up and hit jackpots in many gambling houses due to the up-to-date means of casino cheating combat.

Land casino

Proper dealing

Usually the casinos resort to cheating combat with the help of particular procedures such as particular standardized ways of cards shuffling, dealing them, keeping, storing, retrieving from the decks and opening the new decks of the playing cards.


In addition, each player should remember that the gambling establishments of the new generation have got the "eyes in the sky" that is an extensive array of various cameras and motion recorders which can easily monitor the cheaters in a cheating process and record all the actions in a casino. In such a case the player can get into black list of the casino and will not be able to gamble again with some particular gambling establishment.

Special soft

Some casinos even can use software for facial recognition that enables the casino to recognize the person even being effectively disguised to detect already well-known cheats or card counters and advantage different players as soon as they enter the casino.


The other actions of the gambling establishments, especially online casinos in fight against the cheating may include such aspects as:

  1. Both offline and online casinos or operators can take on some specific measures that will enable them to regulate repeated or continuative game playing. For instance, the measure may be the encouragement of taking more breaks in the process of the game play and making the clients aware of the money and time they actually spend at casino.
  2. In land based casinos the age limit is set. The underage customers are not allowed to enter the casinos. In online casinos software filtering must be applied in checking the customers, alongside the trained supervisors.
  3. In the problem gaming case, the players are excluded from the gambling.
  4. The information about the limits, casino prevention of cheating, problem gamers and help available must be made available on the page or any other login area of the casino site.
  5. In addition, odds, house edge, rules of the games, percentages for the payouts must be clearly shown on the sites for gambling. The operators should be required to put the information in public eye, alongside the complaints including external as well as internal independent elements.