Methods of effective cheating

There is a variety of cheating methods available to apply in any casino game.

In general there exist many legal methods and strategies that can be applied without cheating. It is always illegal when the players immediately affect the outcome of the turn in their favor. However, many players think that it is legal to apply the predictive devices and influence the outcome of the particular turn. It is truly the controversial issue for both the players and the casino authorities, what can be called cheating in particular.

Hence there are the land casino cheating methods that are used in different casino games.


  • Past posting

    This is the method that is widely used in roulette game. Past posting is considered to be the roulette strategy that presupposes adding more chips to the winning number, or also removing the player's chips from the loosing number after the ball has already was thrown into the wheel.

  • Top hatting

    It is known to be the cheating method used in roulette gambling by the most sophisticated cheaters.

    The normal type of the Top hatting scam in roulette is when the dealer particularly himself palm the chips and slip them onto the winning number displayed on the playing table.

Card games

  • Card marking

    Card marking may be considered to be one more cheating method that is widely used in casinos. This very process includes playing cards with the rank, suit, or even both evident only to the player that is making cards or the other conspirator. It is usually conducted for the cheating at card games by means of cards shapes.

  • Second dealing

    Second dealing is considered to be the method of cheating that presupposes manipulation of the playing card deck during cards games with the help of dealing the card which is rather the second than the top in the deck. It is one if the major land casino cheating methods.

  • Hand mucking

    Muck is considered to have really multiple meaning in gambling. Hand mucking can be applied in both poker and blackjack casino games. For example in poker it may be used and mostly refer to the pile of cards that are discarded into which the players can throw their own folded hands and into which the dealer can put the burned cards.