Hand mucking cheating method

Muck is considered to have really multiple meaning in gambling. For example in poker it may be used and mostly refer to the pile of cards that are discarded into which the players can throw their own folded hands and into which the dealer can put the burned cards.


However, muck can also be referred to the action of the throwing the hand into the muck. The mucking cards practice while discarding enables to ensure that no another player can define which cards were possibly in the folded hand. In poker game the term muck may be also referred to the action that the gambler who hasn't folded can take, thus, they may have their hands mucked if the other player wants to discard one card or more end up in the actually live player's hand.


In this game the cheating is widely used, as well. Card mucking here also known as hand mucking is used by players in order to cheat by switching the cards in and out covertly in their hands. For example, in this game the player can remove the ace from the table and use it the next time he is to be dealt the 10 to make blackjack.

There are some types of hand mucking:

1. Card bending

This is considered to be the variation of the hand mucking. During the cheating process the players resort to marking their cards secretly by means of crimping or bending.

2. Card switching

This very cheating strategy needs practice and expertise. Usually the players with great hand coordination use this magic like trick. The technic of performance must be ideal. Usually the skillful player makes use of the technics through the actual card switching in the player's hand with as many as 2 cards concealed in the player's sleeves.

3. Dealer collusion

It is known to be the other way of dealer cheating. Players have a try at bribing the dealer with the help of particular money amount in order to manage and manipulate the gaming process. The real problem is the fact that the dealer that is agree for the bribe is much harder to trust.

Taking into consideration al the cheating strategies, the growing amount of the skillful cheaters and cheating methods, the cheating combat is usually applied by the world casinos.