Slot machine cheats strategy

Is it worth cheating the slot machine? Cheating at any kind of gambling activity is bad thing to do. However, a lot of players resort to slot machines cheats, as well.

There is a range of cheating ways for the person on the slot machine. The old mechanisms of the slot machines, alongside the new electro mechanical slots, are considered the common prey for cheating. As far as such kinds of machines are mostly operated by the gears and pulleys, the player will have to just control where the slot reels should stop to conduct the most successful slot machines cheats ever!

Coat hanger

The player can easily snake the coat hanger into the slot that is sure to have the mechanical counter of the coins in order to conduct slot machine cheats. With the interference made by the coat hanger the slot machine will not be able to cope with the payouts appropriately.

The paw of a monkey

It is considered to be the most effective cheating strategy in slots. The flexible piece of steel is used about the ruler length with one of its ends bent like the claw. The player may insert it into the slot payout hole and reach the counter of the coins. The sense of interference is in the fact that the machine will overpay. Nowadays the slot machines have the coin comparator. This tool checks all the tokens whether they are valid or not.

Shaved coins

It is the classical fraud on slots. It is truly one of the widely used cheating strategies. If the fraud is a success the player can easily play the slots for free or paying lesser that is needed. Coins on strings are usually pulled in and out inside the slot to force the slot machine consider it is money is being inserted. In today's slots the manufacturers installed the catch for prevention of the cheating.

Mini lights

Such a device of slot machine cheats is used in slots with the optical sensors. The cheater may put the mini light closer to the slots sensor; the machine will blind and can lose the track of the coins that are paid out. However, recently the preventive measures have been taken by the slots manufacturers against the tactics.


There are particular cheating means that were invented earlier than the slot machine or slots online were put to casinos. The inside man or actual programmer is needed for the cheating. However, each player who tried a hand at doing this was caught, as well as many famous roulette cheaters or any other gamers.