Charles Wells - roulette cheater

In the world of cheating this person is considered to be one of the most famous casino cheaters.

He is a representative of the British gambling cheaters of the roulette game, alongside the well-known Richard Marcus, the American cheater.


Charles wells was born in 1841 and was known as extravagant, tubby cockney and up till now is considered one of the most outstanding gamblers in the world history. In some sources he is said to be the inspiratory for the song creation "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo."

Indeed, in 1981 Charles Wells went to Monte Carlo to try his fortune and basically wrote himself into the world history. Wells managed to turn over the 4000 pounds into one million francs in roulette game. He managed to break the bank twelve times.

Notwithstanding the fact that several private detectives were hired to reveal the strategy of the gamer, Wells still managed to make money in his next trips within the 3 day space. He won actually one more million francs.

He had guts and bravery to commit the challenge. He used to say: "Anyone is free to watch me play and imitate me, but the general defect of the ordinary casino gambler is that he lacks courage." Indeed, a lot of people lack bravery to take a step and hit. However, at the time Wells was playing, a lot of gamblers surrounded the table he was playing at and even copied his bets and imitate the methods and cheat roulette.

In 1892 Charles Wells returned to Monte Carlo again. He sailed in the gorgeous yacht with the mistress whose name was Joan Burns. This time it was 6 times bank hitting. However, Wells' luck was out. He very soon lost all his funds and also the finances of his investors. Even his friends savings borrowed from them were lost due to Wells' recklessness.

Lack of luck

After the unfortunate bust and luck reverse, Wells was arrested and sent back to England. He was sentenced to prison for fraud for eight years. It was said that he even managed to fraud on of the wealthiest British residents of 150 000 dollars.

However, when Wells was released from the prison, he again started cheating. For this he soon was back to prison again, for three years this time. After this occasion, he migrated to France and even there cheated many people according to the financial scam. However, in 1926 he died being an ultimately poor man.