Shuffle tracking or card counting devices

Among the variety of electronic cheating devices shuffle tracking or card counting machines occupy the solid position in modern gambling cheating world.

Shuffle tracing devices is the set of the support for both ace sequencing and shuffle tracking analysis and practicing. It is widely used as one of the land casino cheating methods. It is also effective in developing the Blackjack cheat.

Features of shuffle tracking device:

Shuffle editor feature

It is considered the feature of the shuffle tracking device, it is an interface like feature that is used to describe different shuffles to the program. It is essential that it has the VCR control to replay backwards and forwards the steps through the shuffle and also the 3dimension support of animation for playing the shuffle. The player describes the shuffle first by performing it himself by means of the mouse and card stacks. This manipulation can ensure the full match of the understanding by the player with the computer's one. It is also effective for the shuffle follow in actual practice.

Fine tuner

It is possible to allow fine tuning of the shuffle by means of the main page.

Shuffle mapping

This tool provides the variety of options for graphical display of the cards in the discarding tray map into a shoe. Resolution is down to the cards and the player can define visually the very exact movements of the cards.

Analysis of the cut

In addition to the card cutting at the end of the particular shuffle, the screen of the cut analysis can provide several options for the graphical display of the impact of the cut to the user.

Create and open

This section supports standard and shuffles of the user maintenance. Thus, the player can choose two shuffles and the dealer are likely to select one of them. The shuffles can be transited to the other users, as well.

The Shuffle

This feature allows creating the variability. The shuffler can automatically generate and adjust to the unusual circumstances and will use the integrity checks.

Adjustment of the Play Zone Count

After the player cuts his cards, he can also indicate what he wants the count that is adjusted during the game zone. It is possible to specify the play zone, the running initial counting and also the length zone for calculations.


During the blackjack practice, the cards are considered to be shuffled according to the shuffles that were selected instead of the random. The features, including betting strategies, different rules, environment options, statistics, table formats, charts, graphics, playing strategies, can cover the play, and expert methods are also supported.

Pop up feature

During the playing blackjack, the player can easily move the cursor to the button Cards in order to review the pop up displays of discard tray and shoe contents.

Animation of the card flow

Each discard is animated to help to understand the card flow into the tray.


To aid the ace sequencing and shuffle tracing the drills are included.

Learning and testing of the ace sequencing and testing

The player can mark the key cards and the aces to trace the moment through the discard tray, cut and shuffle and test the skills at prediction of aces.

Apart from the following features of the shuffle tracker as one of the effective electronic cheating devices, there are also such as nicknames, analyze shuffle, analyze sequencing of aces, manual, etc available for the device user.