Top hatting cheating method

It is known to be the cheating method used in roulette gambling by the most sophisticated cheaters.

The normal type of the cheat roulette is when the dealer particularly himself palm the chips and slip them onto the winning number displayed on the playing table.

The case

For instance, by means of adding just 25 pounds value chip, the payout can be up to 875 pounds for the cheating accomplice. Thus, there was the incident in Britain that was an evidence of the top-hatting method of cheating, when the dealers were doing top hatting in the time there were no managers of the casino around and they did not watch, there were the inspectors that immediately helped prevent the cheating.

It is interesting to know, however, that in the end it was found out that the fraud was going on for more than a year, and the casino did not notice the leakage of funds. The casino was losing money every week. However, the players -cheaters were barred, this time for being too very much lucky.

However, the top hatting is one of the widely used land casino cheating methods that are disposed by the most sophisticated searchers of the winnings in roulette.

Top hatting is considered to be basically the same as past posting, except the method is used if the dealer is on the scam, but not the player. In many casinos it is considered to be highly illegal cheating maneuver, by the way.

As a rule the player and the dealer should know each other very well and work back to back in cheating. They have to work out the plan of their every action in advance before the player is going to sit at the gaming table. The dealer himself will have to slip the chips on the winning number on the table, after the ball in the wheel has come to peace on the roulette wheel.

Difficult to realize

But anyway, it is extremely complicated remain unspotted. Not the only winning profile of the table is way out of the norm, especially if the pair of cheaters gets too greedy. In addition, if there are too many suspicious and a lot of attention has been attracted, the only thing the casino has to do is to take the appropriate camera tape file and find out what was going on and who was guilty.