Past posting cheating method

This is the method that is widely used in roulette game. Past Posting is considered to be the roulette strategy that presupposes adding more chips to the winning number, or also removing the player's chips from the loosing number after the ball has already was thrown into the wheel. However, it is also used in blackjack cheat.

The way it works

The only one option of doing this is the moment when the dealer is checking the number and must look to the right, as well as to the left before turning back to place the special marker on the table.

It is truly hard to catch the moment and do that for the fresh player; however, the players that are keen on cheating can do that. The best position to realize the cheating in such a way is to do this from the far end of the playing table as much as possible further from the dealer and the wheel.

However, there is another way of cheat roulette by means of past posting. It is possible with the help of distracting the dealer somehow with the help of amiable conversation, or an attractive member of the cheating team like the beautiful female with the deep décolleté, accomplice pretending to fall over at the very useful moment, etc.

Skills needed

It is essential to know that once the player used some of this tactics it is no longer considered to be the unique move in order to cheat the dealer. Next time the player will have to invent something new in order to get the positive result without being spotted.

In addition, to get away with the tricks like these, the player should be will prepared for all the unpredictable circumstances. Besides, the player will certainly need the good eyesight to see far across the table the winning number on the roulette, though it is hard to realize from such a distance. The player also must have the hands of a magician for getting the chips off or on without making any mistake from the first time and not being noticed while cheating.

Speaking about the affectivity of the current cheating method, it is obvious that it was more effective and widely used before the cameras were introduced in casinos as observation device. The cameras can be located even at tables, thus, even if the dealer does not get the player the so called "eye in the sky" will sure to catch the cheater.