Roulette famous cheaters

Roulette was designed to be the game of pure luck with the spinning ball in one direction and the wheel spinning into the other. However, notwithstanding the claims that it is impossible to cheat in roulette, a lot of famous casino cheaters still resort to scams.

There is a legendary group in the field of roulette cheating that is worldwide famous recognizable and respectable in the gambling world.

Richard Marcus

One of the legendary roulette cheaters is considered to be Richard Marcus. He is the author of the range of books and articles dedicated to the cheating issue in the world of roulette gambling.

Richard Marcus started first as the casino dealer. He was offered to become the second dealer in the team of Joe Classon. He started cheating and realized that the greatest casino scams are impossible without the well prepared and entrusted working team. Classon thought Marcus all the details of the job. After he went retiring, Richard Marcus became the leader of the team. He made use of his potential as a casino chief.

Charles Wells

He is a representative of the British gambling cheaters of the roulette game, alongside the well-known Richard Marcus, the American cheater.

Charles wells was born in 1841 and was known as extravagant, tubby cockney and up till now is considered one of the most outstanding gamblers in the world history. In some sources he is said to be the inspiratory for the song creation "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo."

Indeed, in 1981 Charles Wells went to Monte Carlo to try his fortune and basically wrote himself into the world history. Wells managed to turn over the 4000 pounds into one million francs in roulette game. He managed to break the bank twelve times.

Joe Classon

Joe Classon was born in 1933, in New York. Together with his older brother Henry Classon was introduced to the gambling world with the help of his uncle Stanley in the 40s. The uncle was an old gambler known in New York. He used to be a degenerate gamer in Lower eastside of New York.

Alongside the other famous casino cheaters like Richard Marcus, Jerry Palmer, Joseph Jagger, etc. the Classon brothers gained recognition in casino cheating.

Duke Wilson

Duke Wilson is considered to be the greatest wheel mechanic mentioned in the history of gambling cheating. By the way he was in the most notorious cheating casino team created by Joe Classon that was impressive in the realm of roulette pas posting. He joined the team in 1969.