Richard Marcus - roulette cheater

Roulette was designed to be the game of pure luck with the spinning ball in one direction and the wheel spinning into the other. However, notwithstanding the claims that it is impossible to cheat in roulette, a lot of famous casino cheaters still resort to scams.

One of the legendary roulette cheaters is considered to be Richard Marcus. He is the author of the range of books and articles dedicated to the cheating issue in the world of roulette gambling.

Risky activity

Indeed, Richard Marcus managed to made money by means of cheating and made the really nice living for years with the help of scams at casinos. The most significant is that he is completely unapologetic for the done. In fact, he is considered to be quite satisfied with all the land casino cheating methods he used and also the strategies he developed. He is proud of the achievements and justifies it with the fact that all casinos particularly cheat their customers. So why not to cheat the casino in respond to teach it a lesson?

However, it is considered the contradictory issue because anyway the cheating is illegal, and the casino activity may have the full potential of legality. Each player that enters the casino must be aware of which side the law is going to protect first, the player or the gaming establishment.

However, Richard Marcus described in his works the fascinating study of the casino cheating, as well as its cheating combat. Sure thing, the casinos are of no interest in losing their money.

First steps

Richard Marcus started first as the casino dealer. He was offered to become the second dealer in the team of Joe Classon. He started cheating and realized that the greatest casino scams are impossible without the well prepared and entrusted working team. Classon thought Marcus all the details of the job. After he went retiring, Richard Marcus became the leader of the team. He made use of his potential as a casino chief. As the team leader he required the all that the thief might need. It was the particular combination of skills. Namely: nerve, good coordination, patience and the sleight of a hand. These features are very rarely found within one person, however. In addition, a casino thief needs a good accomplice, at least one, that can be totally entrusted in the job.

Richard Marcus in such a way gained the huge cheating experience and was able to share it with all the inquiring players with the help of his editions.