Electronic cheat device review

In modern gambling cheating there are a lot of various electronic cheating devices that are used by the players in order to win at all costs.

The array of astonishing gambling electronic cheating devices can indeed help in cheating in almost every game.


For example, in slots machine cheats such electronic cheat device as gambling machine jack potter and credit signaler may be used. These devices are the result of the several years of research and development in the gambling sphere. It can affect slots, fruit, video, 8 liners, cherry master, gold and pot gambling machines. Similar gambling cheating machines are used all over the world in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc. It may affect the machines that accept coins, cards, bills, and also machines that conduct payout in coins, tickets, credits or cash. Anyway if the player knows the people that were hitting jackpots over and over again, he should know that they more likely were using the cheat device. Such device can be controlled remotely and can be easily hidden out of the eyes in the player's pocket or purse, wallet, etc. It can only affect the gambling machine.


Apart from the Blackjack bots, such electronic cheat device as blackjack buster or blackjack beater can be used. Blackjack buster, for example can be really silent, pocket sized means that can allow the players to count the cards easily and implement card counting strategy without any tension for the brain. The most significant is the fact that the inexperienced player can accomplish in minutes what takes the experienced blackjack players years of practice. Thus, using the appropriate blackjack strategy and the electronic cheating device the player can hit and make money.


For this game the special edition of the first effective card counting method was developed. This very method available in electronic format was invented by the group of famous casino cheaters - card counters in blackjack games. These cheaters were banned in many well-known casinos all over the world and that's why were taken into the black lists. Thus, the electronic cheating method includes, apart from pieces of advice from the casino's worst nightmare - Richard Marcus such items as:

  1. Detailed analysis of baccarat possibilities to beat
  2. Demonstration of the game rules
  3. The simplest card counting strategy used in blackjack
  4. Effective strategies of playing effectively and covertly
  5. Betting methods
  6. Obtaining and cashing chips lessons